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General Rules

General Rules for all Tailgating

  1. Tailgating areas are reserved for fans, recognized student organizations and university departments. Certain areas are designated for particular uses, so please refer to Site-Specific Guidelines for further guidance in addition to the General Rules, which cover all tailgating areas.
  2. Individuals are responsible for compliance with all local and state laws governing alcohol consumption.
  3. Tailgating and the use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the Memorial Student Center (MSC) lawn, Simpson Drill Field (except in designated locations), the All Faiths Chapel grounds, on Penberthy Intramural Fields, within delineated perimeter of athletic venues and inside university facilities, unless otherwise designated.
  4. Tailgating is not permitted inside, or on the roof, of any parking garages on University property. Additionally, for safety, barbecue pits are not permitted in these areas.
  5. Greenspaces within 15 feet of parking lots are reserved for fans assigned to those parking lots.
  6. Unless otherwise designated, site setup may begin no earlier than noon on "set-up day," (the day immediately preceding a NCAA-recognized campus sporting event). Claiming tailgate areas prior to noon on "set-up day" is prohibited. Guests may not camp out or loiter prior to 6 AM the day before the game.
  7. No overnight occupancy is allowed in tailgating areas. Site must be vacated by midnight on "set-up day." Tailgating sites open at 7:00 a.m. on "gameday" and must be cleared and cleaned by midnight.
  8. Driving or parking private vehicles on any and all greenspaces and sidewalks is prohibited.
  9. Tents or canopies must be secured and may not utilize stakes that penetrate the ground more than 12 inches. They may not  obstruct sidewalks, drive lanes or pedestrian walkways. Tailgating amenities including furniture, grills, generators, cables or satellite dishes may not obstruct sidewalks, drive lanes or pedestrian walkways.
  10. All BBQ grills, propane or otherwise, should be attended to at all times. Fires built on the ground and open fire pit devices are prohibited.
  11. Where generators are allowed, all generators must be equipped with a noise reducing device (manufacturer-approved cover or muffler). Special care and consideration should be taken when managing fuel and extension cords affiliated with generators.
  12. Use of motorized recreational vehicles, including four-wheelers, golf carts, mules, gators, scooters, motorized skateboards, etc., is prohibited.
  13. Pets are not allowed to run at large in tailgating sites or on campus and must be leashed at all times according to local leash laws. Furthermore, animals shall not be left unattended or secured to university property. Clean up after your pet.
  14. Dispose of all trash in trash receptacles located in tailgating areas or pack it out. Hot coals must be doused and properly disposed of in specially designated Coal Dumpsters to prevent fires. The disposal of grease, hot coals or hazardous materials onto the grounds or into storm drains is prohibited.
  15. Any person damaging University property will be responsible for the cost of repairs; including damages to grass from cooking grease and sprinkler damage.
  16. Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Athletics, University Police Department and Transportation Services Department reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time — inappropriate behavior will result in the permanent loss of all parking and tailgating privileges.
  17. Texas A&M University is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials/items/personal property left overnight.
  18. According to Texas A&M University Rules, solicitations and commercial activities require approval of the University Concessions Committee.
  19. In case of emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies call University Police at 979.845.2345.

Site-Specific Rules for Tailgating